Urban Planner

is an analytic extension for Esri ArcGIS for Desktop designed to evaluate the land suitability and to detect the most suitable areas for spatial development.The extension uses a multi-criteria analysis and respects the principles of sustainable development.

The core of the extension focuses on evaluation of land suitability according to input data, it's values and weights.

Urban Planner allows to effectively analyze land suitability for the further development.

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The main Urban Planner Features

Automatic retrieval of the data paths from the data model

Storing user profiles and calculation parameters in the database

Creating custom categories of land use

Custom factors' and pillars' weights setting

Custom factors selection


The main outputs of Urban Planner are raster layer of land suitability (individual factors, pillars of sustainable development and the overall land suitability). All analysis can be repeated with different output settings and various scenarios of spatial development can be created. Other outputs are vector layers of final land suitability and vector layers of areas suitable for allocation. Outputs can be easily recalculated to any territorial units (like parcels, districts or municipalities).





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