Our team has several experiences from previous projects solved especially for public administration in the field of Baybay spatial planning, rencontre hiv gay data processing, and visualization. The current projects being dealt primarily with digitization, georeferencing, data analysis, creation and modification of data models, spatial analysis, SWOT analysis, or creation of printed and web maps. Urban Planner is currently in use in several offices of Urban Planning in the Czech Republic (Olomouc City, Jihlava City, Olomoucký Region, Plzeňský Region, Vysočina Region, and Moravskoslezský Region).

  • Contract Description

    Vysocina Region became our first customer between regional authorities. In addition to buying tools for their use, there was a one-day training for all users – workers of GIS department and the department of urban planning. As part of the training, sample outputs for several municipalities were calculated.

    During the cooperation, the suitability of Moravské Budějovice Region for all basic categories of land use was calculated. Outputs were visualised by the web application in ArcGIS Online.The application was selected by ARCDATA Prague as a sample representative application from the Czech Republic and was sent to Esri.

    Moravské Budějovice
    Vysočina - bydlení
    Vysočina Doprava
    Alokace bydlení
  • Contract Description

    For the Olomouc region, we prepared the updated methodology to analyze the sustainable development of the territory within the analytical material for planning. Consequently, we used the methodology for updates of analytical material for planning. The contract also included analytical calculations in Urban Planner for the whole region, which included analysis of the suitability for all basic categories of land use.

    Zamery Detail
    Limity Detail
    OLK Zastploch
    OLK Rekreace
    OLK Nezamest
    OLK Komerncni
    OLK Histogram
    OLK Fragmentace
    OLK Envpil
    OLK Dokbyt
    OLK Bydleni
  • Contract Description

    Plzensky region has become one of our first customers. After the performance of Urban Planner functionality, officials from did not hesitate for a long time and decided to start using analyzes in Urban Planner.
  • Contract Description

    During the consultation of Urban Planner functionality in Jihlava City, several analytical land suitability calculations for housing and industry, including allocation calculations, have been calculated. Based on these examples, the employees of the Jihlava City decided to use Urban Planner for their use.

    Sociální pilíř
    Ekonomický pilíř
    Ekologický pilíř
    Alokace lehkého průmyslu
    Alokace bydlení
    Alokace bydlení
    Potenciál pro bydlení
  • Contract Description

    The Moravian-Silesian region was one of the first to have introduced the possibility of analytical calculations Urban Planner. Based on the valuable comments by officials we have made modifications of Urban Planner, and we processed sample outputs for the whole Region. At present, this region uses Urban Planner Add-In.

    Ostrava Rekreace
    Ostrava Komerční plochy
    Ostrava Lehký průmysl
    Ostrava Těžký průmysl
    Potenciál pro zemědělství
    Ostrava Bydlení
    MSK Těžký průmysl
    MSK Rekreace
    MSK Lehký průmysl
    MSK Zemědělství
    MSK Komerční vybavenost
    MSK Bydlení
  • Contract Description

    Olomouc City Hall is the first office where we started with practical testing tools. Over the past few years, Urban Planner has been tested here, including the possibility of practical use and credibility outputs.

    Finally, in Olomouc, we created two web applications for viewing generated outputs. The first application shows the suitability of Olomouc Region calculated for the three categories of land use. The second application shows the possibilities of the scenario calculations on the example of the suitability for housing.

    Webová aplikace
    Webová aplikace - scénáře
    Sociální pilíř
    Ekonomický pilíř
    Ekologický pilíř
    Udržitelný potenciál
    Ekologický potenciál
    Alokace bydlení